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Pixel Film Studios Plugins Collection 2018 for macOS

Pixel Film Studios Plugins Collection 2018 for macOS Descargar gratis completo full con crack torrent en 1 link

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Cool Pixel Film Studios Plugins Collection 2018 for macOS

Pixel Film Studios Plugins for FCP 05.2018
14 gb | EN

Download Pixel Film Studios Plugins for FCP X 05.2018 free for macOS

PROLENS- Professional Lens Plugins for FCPX. Create the cinematic masterpiece you always wanted to with PROLENS. This bundle of professional lens plugins and video enhancing tools for FCPX will help you look like a professional Cameraman. Use the plugins in PROLENS to give your footage optical looks that you could normally only achieve in-camera and by owning many expensive lenses.

PROSHIVER- Professional Malfunction Effects for FCPX. Add a little chaos or tension to your next project with PROSHIVER by Pixel Film Studios. This collection of over 60 professional malfunction effect will give any scene a more kinetic, fast paced feel. Using camera bumps, blurs, flashes, and color seperations, PROSHIVER™ can create a unique style throughout your film without distracting the viewer.

PROGRADE- PROFESSIONAL COLOR GRADES FOR FCPX. Use color to change the mood and genre of your project with PROGRADE by Pixel Film Studios. This collection of 30 professional color grades can be used in FCPX to create subtle yet powerful color changes. With PROGRADE's easy-to-use controls, you can quickly adjust the intensity of the effect to achieve the perfect color grade for your scene.

PRORAIN - Bring The Rain In FCPX
With 25 unique rain composites to choose from, take your footage anywhere from a light drizzle to a tropical rain forest in the click of a button. PRORAIN™ contains no digitally generated images. All 25 of the rain effects were created with real rain footage.

PROSNOW from Pixel Film Studios, you can choose from 30 different snow methods and cooling grades to turn your footage into a Winter wonderland. All you have to do is drag and drop one of PROSNOW's plugins on to your footage in Final Cut Pro X, and Let It Snow!

PRODUB from Pixel Film Studios. Add screen separations, flashes, and prismatic effects to your footage to create energetic looks that will compliment your favorite electronic dance music. Simply drag and drop the effects on your footage and prepare to drop it hard!

PROLUMETRIC - Use the 8-point light masking tool to isolate the source of your volumetric light. Want your light rays to just poke through a small window opening or a hole in the clouds? Simply use the on-screen masking tool in Final Cut Pro X to shape the mask around the light source.

TRANSRING: Pixel Film Studios™ brings you TRANSRING, a unique and stylized transition pack designed for FCPX that will bring excitement to any film! Easy to use, and customize, these ring transitions can be applied to any type of film. With so many different styles you can create, the options are endless!

PRO3RD: PRO3RD has over 50 different lower thirds to choose from. With so many styles, you can easily find the one that fits your project's design. Introduce people, characters, settings, and events elegantly with our beautifully designed and customizable lower thirds package.

Requiere OS X 10.10+ // FCP 10.1+ // Motion 5.2+

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¿fácil de instalar??????
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