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Kingston Trio (The Capitol Years) 4 CD [1995] Mp3

Kingston Trio (The Capitol Years) 4 CD [1995] Mp3 Descargar gratis completo full con crack torrent en 1 link

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Sound Kingston Trio (The Capitol Years) 4 CD [1995] Mp3

Kingston Trio
The Capitol Years

Folk | 4 CD | 1995
Mp3 | VBR | 502 Mb

CD 1
01. Run Joe
02. Fast Freight
03. Tom Dooley
04. Sloop John B
05. Dodi Lil
06. New York Girls
07. They Call The Wind Maria
08. Shady Grove
Lonesome Traveler
09. Little Maggie
10. Bay Of Mexico
11. Acoss The Wide Missouri
12. Scotch & Soda
13. Pay Me My Money Down
14. Tijuana Jail
15. MTA
16. All My Sorrows
17. Good News
18. Remember The Alamo
19. Molly Dee
20. The Unfortunate Miss Bailey
21. Sail Away Ladies
22. A Worried Man

CD 2
01. El Matador
02. The Mountain O'Mourne
03. Home From The Hill
04. The Wolrld's Last Authentic Playboy
05. Raspberries, Strawberries
06. Bimini
07. Green Grasses
08. With You, My Johnny
09. Bad Man's Blunder
10. The Escape Of Old John Webb
11. Colorado Trail
12. Buddy Better Get On Down The Line
13. Coast Of California
14. Bye Bye Thou Little Tiny Child
15. A Round About Christmas
16. Come All You Fair & Tender Ladies
17. Bonny Hielan' Laddie
18. The River Is Wide
19. Don't You Weep Mary
20. Sea Fever
21. The Golden Spike
22. Mary Was Pretty
23. The Wines Of Maderia
24. Senora
25. Adieu To My Island
26. It Was A Very Good Year
27. You're Gonna Miss Me
28. Bonnie Ship, The Diamond
29. Come Along Julie

CD 3
01. Coming From
The Mountains
02. Oh, Sail Away
03. Take Her Out Of Pity
04. The Whistling Gypsy
05. Nothing More To
Look Foreward To
06. Weeping Willow
07. Jesse James
08. Where Have All
The Flowers Gone
09. Little Light
10. Chilly Winds
11. Oh Miss Mary
12. Roddy McCorley
13. 500 Miles
14. Goin' Away For
To Leave You
15. Old Kentucky Land
16. Rocky
17. One More Town
18. Away Rio
19. Pullin' Away
20. All The Good Times
21. Darlin' Are You Dreaming
22. Allentown Jail
23. Greenback Dollar
24. Honey' Are You
Mad At Your Man
25. The Long Black Vail
26. Genny Glenn
27. The First Time
(Ever I Saw Your Face)
28. The New Frontier

CD 4
01. The Reverend Mr Black
02. Road To Freedom
03. River Run Down
04. One More Round
05. Run The Ridges
06. Love Has Gone
07. Try To Remember
08. Mark Twain
09. Desert Pete
10. Ballad Of The Tresher
11. Two-Ten, Six-Eighteen
12. Those Who Are Wise
13. Rider
14. The Patriot Game
15. Coal Tattoo
16. Hobo's Lullaby
17. Seasons In The Sun
18. Song For A Friend
19. Four Strong Winds
20. Last Night I Had
The Strangest Dream
21. Ann
22. Let's Get Together
23. Hard, Ain't It Hard
24. Reuben James
25. Pullin' Away
26. Farewell Captain


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